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The allure of committing crimes…


French street artist Kidult is not happy with the tide turning in the war on graffiti and street art. Now that more often than not a street artist w/ half a name can get a gallery showing, a shoe or shirt collab, and a following, Kidult longs for the days of a cop chasing. I’ve seen the change in the scene slowly but surely over the last 6 or 7 years. The Obey Giant and Shepard Fairey’s rise to household name in the early part of this century was kinda the beginning of the end once mixed with rise of the hipster-elitism that’s gone for sub-culture to popular culture. Artist like Neckface, London Police, Big Foot, Skull Cellphone, Buff Monster, and the all mighty Banksy, all have varying degrees of crossover appeal and success taking away the mystique of running night ops trying to stay outta the eye of the cops. I digress, Kidult’s answer to this is to attack the physical embodiment of the hipster culture that made him and his colleagues “famous”. He’s tagged up Collette, JC/DC, Supreme, and a few others so far.



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