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An ICON has fallen…


Over the 3 day weekend a person I’ve looked up passed away. On monday Jonas Bevacqua was found dead in his house in Laguna Beach, CA. To say that this was a blow and a shock would be an understatement. I’ve been a supporter of LRG since 1999 when I got my first shirt from an aunt who took a trip to SoCal. I’ve been on LRG when people thought the name stood for “LARGE” since I was a big kid. But Jonas through the clothing he designed, slogans he created, story of how the company came to be, his influences, and the words that he spoke had a major impact on me. Some would say that’s dumb but being a black kid who was into Punk, Metal, Hip Hop, Skating, Low Riders (it’s a westcoast thing), who dressed how I did ( Eddie Bauer, skate shoes, Pelle pelle, etc), you could say I was misunderstood, to say the least, at times. But choosing to be myself was what I did and reading about Mr. Bevacqua and him doing just that and his desire to create a company that embodied that was all the push I needed to really figure out what I wanted to do with my future. When wavering whether or not I should go to Fashion Design School or pursue football, I looked to LRG knowing that what I wanted to do was very possible. Putting down cleats and pads and wanting to pick up thread and needle was a tough one but look to LRG and the message to up lift. He was creative and branded the hell out of the label to fit him and his lifestyle. He created vibrant designs and I can say I didn’t love everything he did it was never boring! Though Stussy and Freshjive etc., came before, what him and Robert Wright created was the blueprint of the modern day “Streetwear” company. LRG has grown to be a giant in the industry and Jonas Bevacqua was a hundred times larger. Thanks for the inspiration Jonas you can never know the influence you’ve had on me. Rest easy.



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