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Short Leash Hot Dog Truck

I was spending the morning at the Phoenix Farmers Market with my girlfriend when I saw the food trucks parked in the back. So of course I make a B-line straight for them. The Short Leash Hot Dog Truck was one of the 2 trucks serving. So while the girlfriend sat down and got out of the sun, I had a look at the menu. The “Igby” (all the hot dogs are named after their pets) is what caught my eye first. Which is a choice of dog… I went with the spicy beer beef dog… and blue cheese, coleslaw, and bbq sauce served on this awesome flat bread. My girl had the breakfast dog which was a chopped up dog… she went with the regular dog… cheese, eggs, onion, peppers, and beans, on the flat bread. The flat bread is great and for the toppings they have it’s a great way to hold everything. The guys who was serving and working the window was a great guy too. The dog had a real snap to it and amazing flavor. The coleslaw was sweet with a bit tartness from the vinegar that’s in it and the bbq sauce could stand alone with it’s sweet tang. I snuck a bite or two of my girls and it was great as well.
They had a wall of choices for toppings. Everything from a mango chutney and 5 types of cheeses to a chipotle cream cheese and green chili. It was really really good and they deserve all the hype they’ve gotten locally in Phoenix. I will be seeing them again very soon to work my way through their (very reasonably priced) menu. Check’em out on yelp.com, friend them on facebook, and soon the website will be finished shortleashhotdog.com.



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