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My General Feelings on music…


So looking around on the internet i stumble across this picture from the Assorted Flavors at the Known Gallery on Fairfax in L.A.. This picture kinda sums up my feelings on music today. Drake to me represents flash and style and Pac represents to me substance, talent, and a purpose to making the music. Pac and those like him (both old scholl and new school) seem to have a message, an intersting way of rehashing old subject matter, a deeper understanding and a want to craft an album from the group up. One of the reasons i like Kanye as much as I do come from the fact that he does all of these things and really does care about the product he turns out and his legacy as an artist overall. The greater majority of the “musicians” (I use that term loosely in most cases) seem to be more concerned with just getting the cd/mixtape out so they can get their itunes numbers up and tour off the response they receive. I can’t hate on anyone getting their money but we all are being punished with dumbed down music. For every Mos Def there is a Soulja Boy, Flo Rida, LMFAO, Big Sean and for every Tupac there is a Drake, Nicki Minaj (weird for the sake of weird selling), and any other poser with a mic. Just my two cents. Support the truly creative and the artistically ambitious.




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