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Kevin Liles…

Kevin Liles is doing something that should be applauded, something that more people who have found success should do… teach the youth and pass on a bit of the knowledge that they have acquired in a real world enviroment. Liles who you may remember as the former head of Def Jam back in 2004 then Warner Music Group executive vice president until he stepped down in 2009 to persue entrepreneurial endeavors. This seems to be one of his “endeavors”: Make It Happen Summer Business Academies. A 2 week entrepreneurship course at Morgan State University  that started a week ago in Baltimore. The course is for 30 specially selected highschool sophomores and juniors. Here is a statement from Kebin Liles:

“It is our responsibility to provide a platform for the next generation of leaders. At the MIHF Summer Business Academy, we plan to provide young passionate teens with the tools necessary to be entrepreneurs, innovators and future CEOs of corporations. In my continued efforts to make a difference, over the next two weeks participants will not only get educated, they will also get real time experience. I would like to thank my partners at LEAD and Morgan State University for believing in my vision and bringing the Academy to my hometown of Baltimore.”

Even if you don’t live in Baltimore the Make it Happen Foundation will be expanding the seminars to other universites and institutions globally. The course include field trips to local businesses where the students will get to see the things they have been taught in a real life business setting. The curriculum is created fully by the Foundation. Kevin Liles and his company will also provide an advantage for the students to start using their networking opportunities. Keep an eye out for the seminars coming to your town. Follow the Foundation at kevinliles.com.



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