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“Women are Heroes” By JR…

I came across these pictures by street artist JR a year or so ago in one of my girls lady mags (don’t worry about why i was reading it) and was for the first time really blown away by the power contained in the images i saw. There was a real energy that was jumping off the pages. The eyes featured in his giant photographs that covered the whole sides of the houses in the Brazilian favelas were piercing and really showed there was something behind them… strength, power, pain, experience, stories, love. Now I know JR worked all over the world on this project I really enjoyed his work in Brazil best. He just released the book of the photographs of his years of work in “Women Are Heroes: A Global Project By JR”. On 360 pages 375 photo in full color attack your visual senses. Released on 5/1 you can get this reasonably priced (40 bones) hardcover at http://www.abramsbooks.com/Books/Women_Are_Heroes-9781419703331.html

Here the book description from Abramsbooks.com

Guerilla street artist JR traveled to Sierra Leone, Liberia, Sudan, Kenya, Brazil, India, and Cambodia to seek out women struggling in their everyday lives and, in his words, “to take their stories around the world.” Pasting mural-size portraits of his subjects into their own communities—on the sides of buildings, on trains, on bridges—he brings a haunting human presence to harsh environments of social conflict. His photographs of the vast outdoor “exhibitions” that he creates are iconic images celebrating the worth of the individual. A beautifully illustrated account of this remarkable project,Women Are Heroes introduces JR’s thrilling imagery of the modern landscape filled with human faces, and also includes his original photographic portraits paired with interviews in which the women share their lives and dreams.





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